Mortgage Marketing Tips



These 2 Methods Will Get You More Leads.
Plenty of mortgage  companies think that just because they have a website up they should be able to attract clients since “they’re on the Internet.”
They have a regular mortgage business, yet their online mortgage marketing strategy consists of having a website with “neat” photos, a nice “About Us” page, and Twitter and Facebook buttons.
Well I hate to break it to you, but having a website with all the newest features doesn’t make you money.
The main objective of content marketing is to position yourself as a credible and authoritative source in the mortgage industry. Which is why you need to focus on putting bait in all the right channels for people to find.
Some other methods for creating and distributing content people are eager to see are:
•    Post Articles – Guest post on other blogs, or contribute to news sites to build your credibility.
•    Publish Case Studies – Do this so that you can submit them to trade magazines or other sites proving your authority on a subject.
•    Use Social Media – Use it to share your content and to connect with people. Just don’t expect a Twitter account to get you business without valuable content being the engine for lead acquisition. You can also pay-per-click in Facebook called “sponsored stories” to give your content some boost.
•    Conduct Interviews – Interviewing authorities on a subject and sharing their perspective is a great way to bring in traffic and gives you a new platform to share with.
•    Publish Newsletters – print personalized informational guides using variable printing to personalize content specific to your customers needs.

Lastly, Remember Your Customer.
Since getting a loan is one of the biggest financial decisions people make, be sure to give them valuable information about the process. Make sure your content answers the questions people will be bringing to Google’s search bar.
 Tell them the difference in loans. How much money they can save selecting one vs. the other,  the pitfalls they should avoid and more. Then, when they find answers to their questions  they’ll trust you and want to do business with you.