Find Your Ideal Customer


Finding Your Next Ideal Customer has never been easier.

Smart, Data-Driven, Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns allow you to target those individuals who are most likely to want or need the mortgage products and services you provide.

Our programs put YOU in control, and helps you build relationships with REALTORs and FSBOs
… and generate more Mortgage Leads.

You don’t need any names or addresses to get started, just the area and type of customer you want to serve.

The world of mailing lists is vast, complex, and frankly overwhelming. If you’ve ever tried to procure your own mailing list, you have likely experienced the frustration that comes with that endeavor. We can help you navigate the world of mailing lists, and end up with a list that truly impacts your results.

Getting your contact information right is absolutely essential.  It’s vital to keep your data clean and up to date. You’ve got to know your customers. It’s easy to make assumptions and get it wrong so you’ve got to find out who your customers are. Then you can send tailor-made messages to different sectors. It doesn’t matter how brilliant your message is if you are talking to the wrong people.

To better suit the needs of different industries, we offer direct marketing lists including:

  • Consumer lists
  • Business lists
  • Specialty lists
  • Mortgage lists
  • Retail lists
  • More


Here’s the process:

  1. You call us at 813.886.5597.
  2. We help you identify your ideal target market. Targeting options are almost endless and we can help you quickly figure out which are best for your business.
  3. We work with our partners to find you the highest quality list that targets the segment of the population you need to reach and get you the best possible price.
  4. We help you design the best direct mail campaign based on criteria.
  5. We mail. You get tons of new customers.


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